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This half face cover with activated carbon filters will help you reduce the damage of your respiratory in the bad weather. Dustproof, Windproof, Waterproof, Breathable. It is perfect for the use when Cycling, Hiking, Running, riding, skiing, and other outdoor sports. And it is also perfect to be the essential equipment of war games, paintball and hunting.

Material: Non-woven, activated carbon filter layer.
Color: Black
Size: 13.18 inch * 6.1 inch
Package Including:
1 set of face cover included:( 1 x Anti Dust Half Face Cover, 3 x Activated Carbon Filters, 2 x Air Value)
2 set of face cover included:( 2 x Anti Dust Half Face Cover, 6 x Activated Carbon Filters, 4 x Air Value)
3 set of face cover included: ( 3 x Anti Dust Half Face Cover, 9 x Activated Carbon Filters, 6x Air Value)
5 set of face cover included: ( 5 x Anti Dust Half Face Cover, 15 x Activated Carbon Filters, 10 x Air Value)

Function: Protection against sand and dust
Design: Ergonomic to human faces, covering area below bridge of nose, non-slippery aluminum fitting parts, with small holes for breathing

1. Breathable, High Quality Material.
2. Filters can be replaced, protects you from dust and cold wind.
3. Double air valve design, help you breath easier and freely when riding the bike.
4. Can adjust the face cover freely with velcro strap according to you own demands.
5. Neoprene fabric. Touch gentlely, efficient to keep warm.
6. Adjustable Velcro design, makes you more comfortable when cycling or running.

Package Including:
1 set of face cover or
2 set of face cover or
3 set of face cover or
5 set of face cover

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